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1 in 3 oncologists do not have a clear leader in patient support programs

Our 2019 Leadership study in ImmunoOncology shows that 1 in 3 oncologists (across the US and EU) are not sufficiently aware of different patient support programs. While oncologists most often recall the patient support programs by BMS, Roche/Genentech and Merck there is no overall corporate leader.

Leader in Oncology Patient Support Programs
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Patient support programs can play a vital part in increasing access to medications and help to improve patient compliance to treatments. Providing improved access to medicines and helping patients in their treatment journey are cornerstones of the current debate around high price ImmunoOncology therapies.

Healthcare professionals have consistently highlighted the financial impact for patients and limited access to innovative medicines as their main concerns in our study. The findings of our study provide an important impetus for patient facing functions such as public affairs and patient advocacy teams to improve recall with healthcare professionals in institutional settings.

Our study will further provide you with better insights and ideas to increase awareness of your patient support program.

About the study

The 2019 Leadership Study was conducted with 100 oncologists across US and EU using MDOutlook’s proprietary ONCpulse™ service.

The research objectives were to:

  • Define the meaning of “corporate leadership” to the oncology community
  • Reveal the leaders in oncology and ImmunoOncology (IO) and to compare / contrast how companies are evaluated by oncologists
  • Assess current drivers & barriers to ImmunoOncology treatment use and identify what oncologists would like to see improved by corporate leaders in the IO space

Please contact us if you wish to be included in the distribution of the study.