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Global Physician Expectations for the Upcoming Cancer Meeting in Chicago

Almost all of the recent buzz in oncology is focused on the 2016 ASCO Annual Meeting®, which is starting this Friday in Chicago. In order to see how this information is being received by oncologists, we asked our panel of physicians a simple 2-question survey: “Are you planning to attend this year’s meeting in Chicago?” and “About which therapy track(s) are you most excited?”.

MDOutlook® are pleased to share excerpts from this most recent MDOutlook’s OncoPoll™ on the oncologists’ expectations leading into the 2016 Annual Meeting.

OncoPoll™ Methodology

  • Primary research phase involved global survey to verified and validated medical, hematologic, surgical, and radiation oncologists within the proprietary MDOutlook® global cancer treater panel
  • Fielded: Monday May 30th – June 1st, 2016
  • Research via interactive web-based survey instruments, utilizing proven MDOutlook methodology and proprietary technology
  • Aided list of meeting tracks was provided from which to choose
  • Response: 147 oncologists from 30 different countries

Key Conclusions: Overall Pre-Meeting Expectations for the 2016 ASCO Annual Meeting

  • Overall, there is no general consensus as to which therapy area(s) will be the hottest this year. None of the tracks were selected by more than 50% of the respondents
  • Physicians are most excited about the new data in breast cancer, with the two breast cancer tracks both being within the top 3 most selected by physicians

PreASCO Excitement Ranking


  • The top mentioned track was Breast – Triple Negative / Cytotoxics / Local Therapy, with 44% of respondents choosing this as an area of excitement
  • Only the top 7 tracks were chosen by more than 30% of physicians

Pre-Chicago Excitement Regional View


  • Looking specifically at those tracks selected by more than 30% of the respondents, one gets the overall impression that the level of excitement is higher in the US than in other regions
  • Breast – Triple negative (TN) / Cytotoxics / Local Therapy was the only track selected by more than half of the respondents from any 1 region

Pre-Chicago Excitement Attending View


  • As expected, those planning to attend the annual meeting in Chicago have a higher level of excitement than those not planning on attending
    • Combining all of the differences, there is about 20% more excitement for those planning to attend
      • Exceptions are the hematologic areas, perhaps due to the upcoming European Hematology Association (EHA) meeting in 2 weeks
      • Areas with the largest difference between planned attendees and not are central nervous system tumors (16% vs. 5%), non-prostate GU (35% vs. 11%), and patient and survivor care (16% vs. 8%) [analysis not shown]

Meet us in Chicago

Please visit our booth on the exhibit floor (booth 4043) to discuss this and other oncology research activities.

Immediately following the Annual meeting, we will conduct our annual series of MDOutlook OncoPolls, to assess the immediate impact of the meeting on clinical practice. We plan to compare the results with the aforementioned analysis to gauge how these pre-meeting expectations held up. Please look for this report in the near future. Click here to download a PDF copy of this post.

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