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Clinical Impact of New Data Announcements in Chicago 2016

With another meeting of the American Society of Clinical Oncology® behind us, the MDOutlook disease analyst team is set to launch our 8th annual OncoPoll™ series measuring the immediate clinical impact of new data presented at the 2016 Annual Meeting in Chicago.

The largest gathering of cancer treaters in the world (more than 37,000 professionals) saw a number of really interesting announcements. In addition, a great emphasis was placed on the need for intensified collaboration between cancer treaters, researchers, life sciences organizations and advocacy organizations.

Since our inception in 2008, MDOutlook has spearheaded this global collaboration and connecting those involved in the management of cancer in meaningful ways. We now have developed the largest panel of cancer treaters in the world (>95,000!) and offer unrivaled access to engage oncology-focused clinicians in targeted ways.

Watch this space for the updates from our OncoPoll™ research. The first reports will be available on this website later this month.

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