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Post-Chicago 2016 Excitement – Global Physician Reactions

Before the 2016 ASCO Annual Meeting® started, we asked oncologists about which tracks they were most excited. With the annual neeting behind us, we followed up to find out which tracks actually delivered on that excitement. Included in our Post-Chicago OncoPoll™ were a few questions: “Did you attend this year’s annual meeting in Chicago?” and “About which therapy track(s) were you most excited?”.

MDOutlook® is pleased to share excerpts from this most recent MDOutlook OncoPoll™ series on the oncologists reactions to the data presented in Chicago.

OncoPoll™ Methodology

  • Primary research phase involved global survey to verified and validated medical, hematologic, surgical, and radiation oncologists within the proprietary MDOutlook® global cancer treater panel
  • Fielded: June 8th through 13th
  • Research via interactive web-based survey instruments, utilizing proven MDOutlook methodology and proprietary technology
  • Aided list of Annual Meeting tracks was provided from which to choose
  • Response: 132 oncologists

Key Conclusions: Overall Post-Meeting Reactions for 2016 Annual Meeting in Chicago

  • Overall, there was more excitement about the individual tracks before the meeting, than once the data were presented
  • Physicians are now most excited about the new data in metastatic NSCLC announced at the conference

Post Meeting Excitement


  • The top mentioned track was metastatic NSCLC, with 39% of respondents choosing this as an area of excitement in the annual meeting
  • The next 5 tracks were tied for 2nd place, with 33-34% of respondents choosing these areas
  • Genitourinary (Nonprostate) Cancer caused the most excitement outside of the US, but only ranked 10th in the US

Regional Differences in Post-ASCO Excitement


  • Looking specifically at those tracks selected by more than 30% of the respondents, one gets the overall impression that the level of excitement continues to be higher in the US than in other regions
    • Genitourinary (Nonprostate) Cancer is the exception, with the US oncologists far less enthusiasm than the ex-US physicians
  • Overall, the most excitement is with the US oncologists and Metastatic NSCLC, likely because of the J-ALEX data announcement

Comparison Pre- and Post-ASCO Excitement


  • The pre-ASCO excitement was not sustained for most tracks
  • The greatest disappointment was with Breast Cancer – HER2/ER, with 13% fewer oncologists having post-conference excitement about the track than had anticipation for it
  • Genitourinary (Nonprostate) Cancer track produced the most positive difference in excitement after the conference than before

For More Information

We are conducting our annual series of OncoPolls to assess the immediate impact of the meeting on clinical practice. Please look for these reports to be published here in the near future. You can download a PDF copy of the report here.

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