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Case Example: Insight Driving Investment Decision

MDoutlook Total Oncology Intelligence SqStrategic planning is a most critical aspect of managing a product or portfolio. Often there are gaps in the internal knowledge base to make important decisions. With our institutional knowledge of oncology, proprietary access to the largest global database of cancer treaters, and hundreds of oncology intelligence projects successfully delivered, we deliver insightful and useful answers on which you can immediately build your plan.

Presenting a series of case examples, we showcase how our focused approach to disease intelligence answers your most pressing business questions in a timely manner. Learn more about our insight delivered throughout the product life cycle.


International pharmaceutical company, rapidly growing through expansion in targeted disease areas.


Client wished to understand the current treatment paradigms in CML and the outlook for the near and long term for a portfolio investment decision. They had conducted desk research to understand the disease state, but they needed real, robust and actionable disease intelligence delivered quickly.


  • 80 screened hematologists in 5 countries with a turnaround time of 2 weeks
  • Customized quantitative research followed by select qualitative insights
  • Consultative insights report

Unique Proposition MDOutlook

  • Immediate access to pre-qualified and profiled Hematologic Oncologists
  • Institutional knowledge of CML, driving timely development of survey instrument
  • System integration of panel, survey technology and data capture allows for timely accrual


  • Actionable, relevant and deep insight into the CML treatment landscape
  • Quantification of current treatment approaches and direction of future developments
  • Assessment of clinical relevance of specific therapeutic characteristics

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Value Delivered

2-Week project delivering in-depth competitive intelligence and market size modelling of current and future CML landscape. Input for “go/no-go” decision to expand portfolio in this area.

Client Feedback

This swiftly executed project provided insight that allowed us to make a quick decision based upon where the market was most likely heading. In hindsight, it was accurate about the situation as well.

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