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Shaping Brand Strategy with Disease Intelligence – Case

Shaping your brand strategy is likely on your mind 24/7, and almost 365 days in the year. A recent case study from MDOutlook reviews how a focused approach to disease intelligence critically defines a roadmap for strategic brand decisions moving forward.


Global pharmaceutical company, currently with therapeutics in Hepato-Cellular Carcinoma (HCC).


Client required a comprehensive overview of the patient pathways for patients diagnosed with metastatic disease in this evolving therapeutic area. Input for strategic planning and to address specific market access challenges.


  • Project spanned 5 major European markets
  • An in-depth literature review was combined with qualitative ThoughtLeader interviews and a quantitative online survey of over 250 HCC treaters in Europe
  • Interim and final reporting

Unique Proposition MDOutlook

  • Robust panel of pre-qualified and profiled treaters of HCC allowed for the required penetration in each country
  • High level strategic perspective and disease knowledge went into development of discussion guides and surveys to allow for a broad review of the marketplace
  • System integration of panel, survey technology and data capture allows for timely accrual


  • Deep insight into the current treatment landscape that involved a comprehensive look at both systemic and localized treatments
  • Comprehensive patient treatment pathway maps by country and in the aggregate for EU5
  • Understanding of current treatment patterns, specific to client brand and competitive treatments by disease stage, performance status and treatment setting

HCC EU5 Case Study

Value Delivered

Developed a comprehensive patient treatment pathway showing current treatment patterns in early, intermediate and advanced disease and estimation of likely future trends to guide brand building, market access and future product portfolio decisions.

Client Feedback

This is ground breaking research, as no one has comprehensively mapped out the HCC marketplace in such detail. Having your strategic guidance on what the key learnings are have helped move us forward. The reports are being circulated corporate-wide, as many departments are finding value in this research, including market access and publication planning. We have decided to use the data and results as input for a couple of scientific publications.

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