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Ultimate Oncologist Intelligence Platform – Case

Launching a product in a new disease area requires a steep learning curve – for every member of the team. With MDOutlook’s unmatched global panel of cancer treaters, we can streamline that process for those in the field and in management. This case study demonstrates how access to our unique intelligence portal improves the efficiency of those in the field.


International biotech, building up its oncology product portfolio.


Client desired to have a targeting and pre-call profiling system to drive commercial engagement of ThoughtLeaders and physicians. Client had successfully used MDOutlook previously at different company in niche HemOnc space.


  • Intelligence Portal Access provided to 100+ company staff, ranging from field commercialization to brand management and executives
  • Training and User Guide provided as part of annual subscription
  • Integration with existing CRM system (Veeva)
  • Ongoing user support provided by MDOutlook team

MDoutlook CML Intelligence Portal

Unique Proposition MDOutlook

  • Access robust US panel of CML treaters
  • Standalone portal that is updated real-time with licensed data feeds
  • Continued ranking analysis based on new data
  • Seamless integration with existing CRM system; monthly updates of changed records
  • Integrated customer target list with profiles


  • Real-time profiling of key account targets
  • Supplemented with disease intelligence and ThoughtLeader profiling and prioritization analytics
  • ThoughtLeader network mapping provides alternate avenues to approach targets

CML ThoughtLeader Authorship


Value Delivered

  • Out-of-box and integrated solution supporting on-going commercialization processes
  • Easy integration and seamless experience for users
  • Pre-call planning, targeting and overall knowledge of the CML space has much improved. Leading to more meaningful conversations with physicians

Client Feedback

“MDOutlook is a valuable tool for many departments in our organization. The type of information provided helps guide decision making from both the internal as well as customer facing teams,” according to the U.S. Marketing Director.

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