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Creating Roadmap for Ovarian ThoughtLeaders – Case


Developing a list of relevant ThoughtLeaders in a new therapeutic area is a foundational task for any team. But, then what and how? On what do you base their importance for your brand? How do you determine their influence in the community? And do you identify those hard-to-find ThoughtLeaders outside the Top 30?

MDOutlook has a different approach.

We give you a roadmap to know who, why, how and when to approach the right ThoughtLeaders, by profiling their interests and network. In this case study, we show you how to take the guesswork out of identifying these valuable doctors.


International pharmaceutical company, building up their oncology portfolio, especially in women’s health.


Client wished to develop a list of top ThoughtLeaders and in-depth profiles to engage them strategically and tactically (Strategic Advisory Group, Speakers, Investigators).


  • Peer-nomination survey US and EU
  • Extensive desk research
  • Data-mining of MDOutlook ThoughtLeader Intelligence system

Unique Proposition MDOutlook

  • Leveraging direct access to pre-qualified panel of multi-disciplinary treaters of ovarian cancer
  • Real-time system profiling of physicians
  • Transparency of leadership and influence algorithms, weighting and process

Ovarian Cancer ThoughtLeaders


  • Long list of 300+ ThoughtLeaders based on publications, leadership, clinical trials and peer nominations
  • Customized top-30 list based on proprietary algorithm and provided extensive profile on each ThoughtLeader (Attribute Dial™)

Value Delivered

4-Week turnkey project delivering roadmap and insight on the most influential ThoughtLeaders in their product’s therapeutic area. Leading to more meaningful conversations with physicians.

Client Feedback

“This is awesome insight, and especially the ThoughtLeader model allows us to query the data, and fine-tune ranking based on different weighting of criteria. You delivered very robust results that will allow us to engage with the right ThoughtLeaders for the right opportunity using the right drivers. All four speakers at a recent symposium were identified through MDOutlook and engaged as result of this project,” expressed the Therapy Area Leader, Medical Affairs.

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