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CEO/CFO Interview with Jan Heybroek, President MDOutlook

Earlier this month our President and Founder Jan Heybroek was interviewed by Lynn Fosse, Senior Editor of CEO/CFO Magazine. The interview discusses the concept and vision behind MDOutlook, how MDOutlook delivers value to its clients and the on-going engagement with oncologists and ThoughtLeaders.

“We have developed a platform and a network of more than one hundred thousand cancer physicians that we have identified, researched and validated as being responsible and active in the management of cancer…We invite these physicians, typically by survey emails, to participate in research. Physicians respond to us in a secure environment to the questions that we have developed with our client partners. We have MDs and PhDs on the staff who review these responses and pull together reports that we then share back with both sponsors and participants.”, Jan said.

You can read the full interview here: CEOCFO Magazine Interview with Jan Heybroek.

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