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Researching the Impact of Chicago

Did you know that attendees at ASH in 2016 had B-cell Lymphoma1.7x as many patients with B-cell lymphomas as physicians who did not attend? Would you also be surprised to know that their distribution as to the types of B-cell lymphomas seen are remarkably consistent?

Now think about how that knowledge will drive different insights when measuring the impact of your clinical data announcements at conferences.

After every major conference, MDOutlook provides valuable insights to our clients on the impact of new data presented. This year, immediately following the ASCO meeting, we will be producing syndicated reports in the following therapy areas:

• Bladder
• Breast
• Hematology: AML, CML
• Hepato-Cellular Carcinoma
• Melanoma
• Non-small cell lung cancer
• Prostate
• Renal Cell Carcinoma

If you would like to purchase or receive more details about our post conference syndicated reports, email me at [email protected].

There are still a few spots open to include your proprietary questions if you commit before ASCO.

Click Here to sample the full report from the 2016 ASH meeting on NHL B-cell Lymphoma.