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Identify rising stars amongst ThoughtLeaders

Increasingly, biopharmaceutical companies recognize the importance and value of identifying and engaging ‘rising stars’ since they are typically younger, tech-engaged, offer novel perspectives, future ThoughtLeaders and a window to tomorrow’s healthcare market.

Similarly, clients are increasingly using MDOutlook precision intelligence to identify the most relevant rising star ThoughtLeaders (TL; also known as KOLs, External Experts, or Therapy Experts) for their interactions and commercialization activities.

Whilst the top TLs are well recognized, identifying rising star TLs is much more challenging. We lighten this process for our clients by providing unparalleled access to over 12,000 validated TLs and well over 120,000 qualified treaters in oncology.

Finding Rising Stars

Rising stars are evolving experts in their therapy area and scientific field, committed to enhancing clinical research and building their scientific footprint and reputation. Our easy-to-use database with advanced analytics and data visualization, identifies rising stars and generates short lists for client use on a scheduled basis.

MDoutlook Tiering of ThoughtLeaders
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By utilizing machine learning and artificial intelligence to track physician activity in multiple research domains on dozens of data points, and across our defined TL hierarchy, rising stars typically populate Tiers 2 and 3 within our definition. Additionally, this is also the level where peer nominations – the voice of their community – can provide an early indication of upward momentum.

We regularly work with clients at and around medical congresses enriching and enhancing their TL engagement strategies at these pivotal events. In a recent project, we identified rising stars in acute myeloid leukemia (AML) to support our client’s commercialization activities and targeting of this valuable group.

Rising stars within AML ThoughtLeaders
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Value of Engaging Rising Stars

Our insights conclude that rising star TLs are an imperative to any biopharmaceutical company integrated TL strategy since they represent:

  • Future TLs for future healthcare solutions
  • Engagement opportunities to build relationships now (whilst building their reputation) before the demand for them becomes too strong
  • Often higher patient volumes and strong eagerness to participate in clinical trials
  • Novel perspectives and openness to new approaches for innovative clinical project opportunities
  • More engaged customer embracing digital communication solutions
  • Reference point for future networks with younger oncologists
  • Greater interest in patient-centricity, real-world data application and utilization of tech such as wearable devices.

Precision insight and engagement targeted to all your ThoughtLeader activities

Whether you are engaging with ThoughtLeaders digitally, personally or on the phone, we support you on your knowledge journey. We provide expert insights and ThoughtLeader identification that will make your advisory councils, expert calls, congresses, and virtual engagements a success! At MDOutlook, we help clients to leverage ThoughtLeaders throughout the commercialization lifecycle of a compound and maximize both opportunities and revenues.

We are passionate about our precision intelligence offering and provide you with rapid and actionable answers to all your business questions. All our solutions are scalable to fit your needs & budgets, including integration with legacy systems.

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