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Rapid insights on clinical impact of ASCO – Novel Targeted Agents for mNSCLC

After every major conference, MDOutlook provides valuable insights on the impact of new data presented. In our 2nd OncoPoll™ study following the 2019 ASCO conference, we researched what US and EU5 oncologists thought about a number of new agents being developed that target specific driver mutations in small populations of metastatic NSCLC patients (among other cancer types).

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The awareness of these agents is already at a moderate level, higher than what one would normally expect for agents only in Phase 1 and/or Phase 2 clinical trials and broader than just the 40% of respondents who attended the Oral Abstract session at ASCO (see below). In our full report, we examine how the efficacy and safety & tolerability profiles of each of these agents are viewed in relation to currently available treatment options and even dive a little into how these agents are currently compared with each other.


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MDOutlook continues its commitment to all stakeholders involved in the management of cancer to provide actionable and timely insight. As in previous years, we work with Oncology Business Review to share this important research with the cancer community – read our blog on this topic on their site. We just published our post-ASCO OncoPoll on prostate cancer and our 3rd post-ASCO reports on CLL will be available very soon.

If you need pre- and post-meeting insights on specific topics or data presentations, or other precision intelligence in your focus area, we are ready to discuss.