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Rapid insights on clinical impact of ASCO – What will happen in nmCRPC and mHSPC

After every major conference, MDOutlook provides valuable insights on the impact of new data presented. At the 2019 ASCO conference, prostate cancer was one of the hottest areas, and our 1st independent OncoPoll™ study researched how clinicians will be treating the non-metastatic castration-resistant and the metastatic hormone-sensitive prostate cancer (nmCRPC and mHSPC) populations based on the new data presented. The impact of ASCO is far and wide, so in this analysis, we compared how oncologists and urologists in the US and EU5 will be integrating the information into their clinical practices.

post ASCO nmCRPC mHSPC clinical insights MDoutlook
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All 3 of the 2nd generation anti-androgens discussed during ASCO are seen as more efficacious than currently available treatment options (see figure). But how does this evaluation differ between oncologists and urologists in the US and EU5? Does this positive view extend to the safety profiles? Most importantly, how will these views translate into actual clinical decisions?

MDOutlook continues its commitment to all stakeholders involved in the management of cancer to provide actionable and timely insight. As in previous years, we work with Oncology Business Review to share this important research with the cancer community –read our blog on this topic on their site. Be on the lookout for our additional post-ASCO reports on CLL and NSCLC coming soon.

If you need pre- and post-meeting insights on specific topics or data presentations, or other precision intelligence in your focus area, we are ready to discuss.