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MDOutlook® Delivers Precision Intelligence and Clinician Engagement

Redefining engagement with ThoughtLeaders

Identifying the right expert at the right time is often a challenge for many life sciences companies and their agencies. What if there would be a short-cut (with no compromises!) to gain precision engagement with ThoughtLeaders and related treaters? At MDOutlook, we help you tap into the expertise of over 12,000 oncology ThoughtLeaders and 110,000 qualified oncology treaters from over 120 countries.

Precision ThoughtLeader identification and mapping

ThoughtLeader Professional Network - NeuroEndocrine Tumors
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Our intuitive dashboard gives clients direct access to our MDOutlook ThoughtLeader Attribute Dial™. Driven by our propriety technology and transparent algorithms, clients can manipulate the information to get access to different data sets and results based on changing inputs to match their business needs.

Our unique peer nomination process is further helping clients to identify ThoughtLeaders that are highly regarded by their peers, especially those with more influences or those beyond the top 50. Obtaining this information is easy, and our dashboard enables clients to have all information in one place at their fingertips.

Patient Volume in Select GI Cancers - ThoughtLeaders vs Community
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Our infographics allow clients to spot connections between different ThoughtLeaders and uncover early adopters for specific cancer treatments. This is particularly impactful when estimating treatment volumes and identify high-volume treaters for a specific cancer.

For one of our clients, we performed an analysis of nearly 1,300 U.S. physician-reported patient volumes in specific GI tumor types, leading to interesting insights. Academic ThoughtLeaders, on average, saw 20% more patients than other community-based ThoughtLeaders.
This also settles an often-asked question if they are too busy in their expert activities to see patients!

Providing support for all your activities

Whether you are engaging with ThoughtLeaders digitally, personally or on the phone, we support you on your knowledge journey. We provide expert insights and ThoughtLeader identification that will make your advisory councils, expert calls, congresses, and virtual engagements a success! At MDOutlook, we help clients to leverage ThoughtLeaders throughout the commercialization lifecycle of a compound and maximize both opportunities and revenues.

We are passionate about our precision intelligence offering and provide you with rapid and actionable answers to all your business questions. All our solutions are scalable to fit your needs & budgets, including integration with legacy systems.

Let´s discuss how to make your ThoughtLeader engagements more targeted by utilizing our precision insights. Contact us today at [email protected] or call at +1 404.496.4136 to find out how we can help you to make the most of your ThoughtLeader interactions.