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Conference data presentation impact

With the deluge of scientific data presentations at a conference, it is very competitive for life science companies to break through the noise and assess impact. By evaluating whether announcements change oncologists’ behavior, we can estimate how a data presentation influences their future treatment decisions and clinical practice.

Clients often find themselves in a situation where they need to quickly understand the implications of their own and their competitors’ conference data announcements. One of our clients needed a quick read on their data presentation vs. competitive activity at a scientific congress to assess the impact on current treatments and preference shifts in treatment decisions. We provided timely actionable recommendations through post-conference research to guide their future commercial activities. Conference channel impact
During this assignment, we were able to demonstrate that both academic and community oncologists consider educational sessions run by conference committees (e.g. ESMO) to be more credible than industry-sponsored symposia. This research highlighted opportunities for future engagement and impact measurement of data presentations.

Be the first to know!

For another client, we recruited 500 cancer treaters from over 30 countries within a week of a conference via our agile ONCpulse™ research service. Access to timely precision intelligence provides clients the confidence to react quickly to our insights, and often, we are the first to offer in-depth results after a congress. If you want to speed up your congress research and be the first to know, we should meet.

Client feedback

“Rapid results allowed us to adapt our commercialization plans for the following year and assess the success of our own data announcements. This is very useful for us in light of next years’ planning”.
Brand Director Oncology, Major Pharmaceutical Company.

Conference Research Specialists

Are you currently facing the challenge of measuring the impact of your scientific data presentation? At MDOutlook, we make this process easier for you. With over a decade of experience and more than 130 conference projects completed, we have helped clients gauge their activity impact by enabling access and engagement opportunities with treaters, experts, and ThoughtLeaders in oncology in/around many major conferences (such as ASCO, ESMO, ASH, SABCS, EHA, IASLC, etc.). If you require rapid quantitative and/or qualitative insights or an advisory board, MDOutlook has a solution for you:

  • ONCpulse™ 10-15mins: designed to gain timely marketplace feedback on a single topic
  • ONCpulse™ 20-25mins: designed to probe a narrow range of specific issues deeply.
  • ONCpulse™ qual: accessing treaters and experts from the world’s largest verified community in oncology.
  • ThoughtLeader identification, mapping and engagement.

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