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Rare cancers prominent ahead of the conference season

Rare cancers feature more prominently at this year’s conference season, and ASCO has named “Progress in Treating Rare Cancers” as their advance of the year. We are especially poised to gauge the reactions of oncologists to the new developments in rare cancers and understanding standard treatment practices if they exist in these challenging diseases. Helping clients to better understand rare cancer market dynamics and particularly conference research is core to our offering.

The recognition of rare cancers by ASCO also resonates with our experience in delivering precision insights to our clients. We have observed an increased interest through our work in these cancers and believe that advancements in areas such as precision medicine are redefining what makes specific cancers rare or common. Together with Biomarkers (click here for Biomarkers article), oncologists have more and new tools at their disposal as sadly the treatment success of rare cancers often lacks behind more common cancers.

At MDOutlook we help clients to overcome these uncertainties in knowledge through access to the world’s largest community of treaters and experts in oncology. Over the past years, our precision intelligence has successfully informed commercialization strategies of numerous compounds at different stages in the product lifecycle.Many of these projects successfully delivered actionable results through our agile ONCpulseTM service and have included examples such as:

  • A recent rush project for a client who needed us to interview over 30 oncologists specializing in a rare Head & Neck cancer area with specific focus on the second line treatment to gain rapid time-sensitive knowledge for their business
  • For another client, we successfully engaged 10 melanoma experts to understand the current diagnosis and management of uveal melanoma, and how to better organize their pivotal clinical trial.

We are in a unique position to reach over 120,000MDoutlook Cancer Treater Universe cancer treaters and experts globally and improve your commercial strategy or simply provide a deeper understanding of rare cancers. Are you interested in similar insights? We invite you to set-up a meeting with us to introduce you to our offering.

We will be at the ASCO annual meeting (May 31 – June 4) in Chicago and look forward to welcoming you there. If you are unable to meet at ASCO, we will be delighted to meet you at the European Hematology Association annual meeting (June 13 – 17) in Amsterdam.

For further discussion or to arrange a meeting at your convenience, please contact [email protected] or call +1 404.496.4136.