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2019 Leadership Study in Oncology & ImmunoOncology

Later this month, MDOutlook will release results from the latest wave of their global leadership study.

Using ONCpulse™, we engaged with a robust sample of oncologists located in the United States and Europe. The research objectives were to:

  • Define the meaning of “corporate leadership” to the oncology community
  • Reveal the leaders in oncology and ImmunoOncology (IO) and to compare / contrast how companies are evaluated by oncologists
  • Assess current drivers & barriers to ImmunoOncology treatment use and identify what oncologists would like to see improved by corporate leaders in the IO space

Early results reveal the top 3 companies in Oncology and ImmunoOncology. Oncology Leadership Top 3

Across tumor types, BMS were rated as the top ImmunoOncology leader in 9 out of the 12 areas covered. Oncologists favored Roche & Merck highest in breast cancer (Roche); bladder cancer (Roche & Merck) and NSCLC (Merck).

ImmunoOncology Leadership across tumors

Oncologists chose to rate leadership across a greater number of companies in the broader oncology arena compared to a tighter list of companies they rated in ImmunoOncology.

Seventy percent of US oncologists viewed leadership success across tumor types than in any one specific area (30% respondents). This view was stronger when compared to the split picture (49% vs 51% respectively) presented by EU-based oncologists.

More information about the 2019 Leadership Study will become available as we publish the read-out results. Please contact us if you wish to be included in the distribution of the study.