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How oncologists view leadership in ImmunoOncology

In our latest release from the 2019 Leadership study, we reveal 7 key attributes that account for 75% of Oncologists’ definition of leadership in ImmunoOncology (IO).

Oncology Leadership Factors
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These attributes comprise R&D / pipeline and product related aspects of life science company activities.

We found high consistency across geography. However, EU oncologists placed greater emphasis on “clinical trials & research grants” and “integration of biomarkers and diagnostics” compared to their US colleagues.

The attributes are in order of overall impact:

  1. Number of approvals (cancer types & lines of therapy)
  2. Number of different IO products available within portfolio
  3. Development of combination therapies with IO
  4. Clinical trials and research grants
  5. Integration of biomarkers and diagnostics
  6. Differentiation from other IO offerings
  7. Value proposition of product portfolio

For each of these attributes we analyze performance by life science companies. Get in touch to find out how your company and your competitors performed.

In our next release, we will explore the remaining attributes and reveal the relative importance of specific commercial and marketing activities to oncologists when defining leadership.

About the study

The 2019 Leadership Study was conducted with 100 oncologists across US and EU using MDOutlook’s proprietary ONCpulse™ service. The research objectives were to:

  • Define the meaning of “corporate leadership” to the oncology community
  • Reveal the leaders in oncology and ImmunoOncology (IO) and to compare / contrast how companies are evaluated by oncologists
  • Assess current drivers & barriers to ImmunoOncology treatment use and identify what oncologists would like to see improved by corporate leaders in the IO space

Please contact us if you wish to be included in the distribution of the study.